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my name is liz, also known as lizzi on the internet. my favourite meal of the day is breakfast, 80's music is my religion, i love the cracking sound of a brand new book being opened, espresso pumps through my veins and i can’t help but indulge in a good old real housewives marathon every once in a while.

i don’t mean to brag (i mean maybe i do, its my website and i like pay for the hosting fee right?) but i like to call myself the self proclaimed swiss army knife of self expression and style. i’ve always liked to live life according to the beat of my own drum - i’ve been insisting on dressing myself and have took self expression and the social race of trend setting v seriously since the ripe age of 4 (see somewhere below for evidence). my mom even decided to put me in conceptual art classes before i could even ride a bike. 

today, i live with my boyfriend of 5+ years in downtown, toronto with our naked kitty, zeus. online, you can mostly find me here and here. when i’m not shooting content or working away on my laptop day-to-day, you’ll probably find me scrolling thru pinterest or at a local thrift store. and if you still can’t find me there…then i’m definitely cuddling up my boys or working out (my credit card that is)

so welcome to my little corner of the internet. ur vibes are safe here x


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Screenshot 2020-12-31 at 12.42.21 AM cop

the boyfriend <3

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frequently asked questions:

    Elizabeth Kapran has turned her passion for style, beauty and wellness into a community full of like-minded individuals who share her love for everything self-expression. Liz works with both top tier, as well as small brands that share her ethos in values like body positivity, inclusivity and environmental awareness. While continuing to connect with her community on a daily basis, Liz also creates content for her personal channels, in addition to creating independent content for brands social campaigns. She lives in Toronto, Canada, with her boyfriend Don and hairless kitty named Zeus. At her happiest, you can find her journaling, listening to 80’s hits or classical Italian opera, making DIY home decor or spooning her boys.
    Okay now that we got the bio out of the way, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Liz, but if you want me to consider you my friend you’d call me Lizzi. I’m 24 years old, grew up in a very happy Jewish, Russian-Ukranian immigrant family - eating all the kalbassa you can imagine. My favourite subjects in school were english and art class, you can guess which were my least favourite. I almost graduated from Ryerson University (now known as TMU) with a degree in creative industries + media business. But, as I'm sure you probably guessed again, university was not a fit for me. Yes, a lot of people say that and a lot of times there's a stigma associated to it, and I’m fully aware of the privilege associated in saying that. But, sometimes, you have to be transparent in what’s best for you, your health and your life. Ever since I can recall, being a ‘creator’ has always been part of my archetype. I’ve always found pure joy in finding value and transmitting part of myself into something that I can share with the world - whether that’s a unique piece of information, an outfit, a picture, or even something as downright relatable and spontaneous as a TikTok. I love the beauty of executing and seeing the value that execution brings to others. So long story short, I realized that being in a creative program while studying in classes that not only dulled us out, but had us thinking entirely in-the-box, made no sense whatsoever. So I left university and haven't looked back since. Thankfully, that was the best decision I ever made because a) a pandemic happened shortly after and pretty much dismantled in-person education as we knew it, and b) since then, I’ve been able to commit to doing what I love, been able to go financially independent, and even started saving up for a house before the age of 21 (which is something that I couldn't imagine being able to do a couple of years post-graduate, btw). Now, we’re here. I live my life on my own schedule. I’m up between 6am-8am depending on the day, I have my very specific morning routine which is essential to living my best life, and then I start my ‘work’ day. Which includes creating video content, image content, editing said content and of course, all the admin work spread out by the days of the week. It’s worth mentioning that I like setting boundaries with my devices, (since I use it for both leisure and business, it can be difficult to know where to draw the line on usage) so no unnecessary screen time in the mornings and no emails after 5pm. In my spare time I love anything reality tv, thrifting, marijuana and spirituality. Online shopping is a fav too but I don’t like to admit that one as much.
    Either my $45 tripod from Amazon or my priceless human tripod AKA boyfriend, depending on the day (or my mood lol)
    Fav apps for vintage effects are Tezza and Calla. But these days, I’m usually just bringing exposure down just a tad and calling it a day. Embracing casual and raw content, am I right?
    I went full time into the world of ‘self-made creative' as I left university in my third year, which was late 2019.
    At the moment, I don’t offer any mentorships but you can always contact me here with the subject line: SEEKING MENTOR and I can maybe guide you in the right direction! Seeing as much as I get this question, an e-book could potentially be in the works *cough*
    As normal business etiquette goes, discussing money can make people feel uncomfy (and not just myself, but being mindful of others as well) with that said, I’ll never just tell someone how much I charge or say anything involving my income, but no offence taken to the question! Instead, let me help break down how much you should be charging: (it does have a lot to do with scope of work, the hours you actually put into your content + how long you’ve been in the industry so take this as a foundation if you’re just starting out.) Take 4% of your current following and charge that for in-feed content, then 50% of that for story content. Keep in mind, it’s also important to consider smaller brands when pitching your rates - don’t charge a small business what you would charge a multi-national corp.
    for any collaboration or business related inquires, you can email

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